Svelte Cubed

The power of Three.js

Create beautiful, high-performance 3D apps with the most widely used WebGL framework

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The zen of Svelte

Wrangle complexity with a declarative component framework that lets you write less code

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Familiar design

Use the same tools and techniques you use with your existing Svelte apps — no special equipment needed

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Creating 3D graphics on the web has never been easier or more accessible. Svelte Cubed lets you build state-driven Three.js scenes with minimal code.

When used with a framework like SvelteKit, Svelte Cubed supercharges your Three.js development with features like hot module reloading, giving you the best possible development experience — while also optimising for user experience with techniques like treeshaking.

Read the documentation and check out the examples to learn more.

npm install svelte-cubed
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